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Computer Programming
Short Script
Written by: Diana Foronda

Genre: Horror, Comedy, and Sci-Fi

smart home poster.jpg

Logline: A successful inventor's spirit takes control of her apple-shaped smart device called CANDY. 

Synopsis: Charlie, a successful inventor, dies after celebrating the opening night of her latest smart device creation called CANDY. Charlie's spirit enters the apple-shaped device and controls CANDY while her caretaker, Billie, helps her to find her murderer. The two discover an unexpected secret. But will Charlie and Billie find the murderer before it's too late?

LA International Horror Film Festival, WINNER Best Short Script
 Los Angeles, CA 2023
New York Long Island Film Festival, WINNER Best Written Screenplay - Short
 Lindenhurst, NY 2023
Hollywood Horrorfest, FINALIST
 Los Angeles, CA 2023
Coverfly's Red List, HORROR SHORT (Top 20 of the Month - JULY)
 Online 2023
Online 2023
Lit Scares International Horror Festival, SEMI-FINALIST
Harrogate, UK 2023
Horror ShowFest, WINNER Best Short Film Screenplay
Toscana, Italy 2023
Richmond International Film Festival, SEMI-FINALIST
Richmond, VA 2023
Los Angeles, CA 2023
Georgia Shorts Film Festival, Nominated: Best Horror Film Screenplay
Atlanta, GA 2023
New York International Screenplay Awards (NYISA), QUARTER-FINALIST
Brooklyn, NY 2023
The NOVA Fest, WINNER Best Sci-Fi Screenplay (Over 20 Pages) 
& Best Horror Screenplay (Over 20 Pages)
Nominated: Best Comedy Screenplay (Over 20 Pages)

Fairfax, VA 2023
OZ Indie Film Festival, BRONZE WINNER Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
St Kilda, Australia 2023
 Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 7, QUARTER-FINALIST
 Los Angeles, CA 2023
MidWest Weird Fest, SEMI-FINALIST
Eau Claire, WI 2023
Oregon Screams Horror Film Festival, Nominated: Best Horror Short Screenplay Award Finalist
Portland, OR 2023
Scream Queen Film Festival, FINALIST
New Orleans, LA 2023
Stafford Film Festival, FINALIST
Stafford, UK 2022
California Women's Film Festival (Winter 2022), FINALIST
Tarzana, CA 2022
Out of The Can International Film Festival, FINALIST
 Chesterfield, UK 2022
Los Angeles, CA 2022
Horror Bowl Movie Awards, OFFICIAL SELECTION
 Chandigarh, India 2022
Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival, FINALIST
Las Vegas, NV 2022
Diabolical Horror Film Festival, WINNER Best Short Script
Online 2022
London International Screenwriting Competition, SEMI-FINALIST
London, UK 2022
Thrills and Chills Film Awards (Halloween Edition), Nominated: Best Unproduced Script (Short)
Online 2022
Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival, WINNER Best Short Screenplay
Newton, MA 2022
 Moga, India 2022
Indie Short Fest, Nominated: Best Short Script 
 Los Angeles, CA 2022
Ethereal Horror Fest, Nominated: Best Short Screenplay
 Austin, TX 2022
Boston Horror Comedy Film Festival QUARTER-FINALIST
Boston, MA 2022
IndieX Film Fest, Nominated: Best Short Script
Los Angeles, CA 2022
Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, WINNER Best Screenplay
Online 2022
Silicon Beach Film Festival, WINNER Best Short Horror/Sci-Fi Screenplay
Los Angeles, CA 2022
 Wallachia International Film Festival, WINNER Best Sci-Fi Featurette Screenplay 
București, Romania 2022
Festigious International Film Festival, Nominated: Screenplay of the Month
Online 2022
Top Shorts Film Festival, WINNER Honorable Mention: Screenplay
Online 2022
Los Angeles Film Awards, Nominated: Screenplay of the Month
Online 2022
Chicago Horror Film Festival, WINNER Screenplay Contest
 Chicago, IL 2022
Oil Valley Film Festival, WINNER Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting, Short 
Oil City, PA 2022
Swedish International Film Festival, Nominated: Best Short Script
Arvika, Sweden 2022
Druk International Film Festival, WINNER Outstanding Achievement Award for Short Script 
Paro, Bhutan 2022
Adbhooture Film Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION
Kolkata, India 2022
L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Horror Film Festival, SEMI-FINALIST
 Agoura Hills, CA 2022
*Flickers' Rhode Island International Film FestivalSEMI-FINALIST
 Providence, RI 2022
*Academy Qualifying
*BAFTA Qualifying
*Canadian Screen Awards Qualifying 
*Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, QUARTER-FINALIST 
Nashville, TN 2022
Underground Indie Film Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION
 Apopka, FL 2022, FINALIST 
Los Angeles, CA 2022
*WorldFest-Houston, BRONZE REMI-AWARD WINNER Best Short Script 
Houston, TX 2022
*Canadian Screen Awards Qualifying
The International Horror Hotel, WINNER 4th Place Sci-Fi Short Script 
Cleveland, OH 2022
Red Carpet Entrance
Short Script
Written by: Diana Foronda

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Drama


Logline: An apple-shaped smart device takes revenge on her former company.  

Synopsis: Ten years after Monica Sante’s death, Billie works at Robotech as their new smart device inventor and attends Robotech’s 50th Anniversary Gala. Monica’s spirit ends up in a Candy device, and she plans to take her revenge at Robotech’s Gala. Will Billie save Charlie’s legacy before Monica turns it into dust?

Short Script
Written by: Diana Foronda

Genre: Drama


Logline: A poor college student gets accepted to a prestigious internship that will change her life forever. 

Synopsis: Charlie McMann hates her hometown, West Bloomfield Township, MI. While living with her greedy family, she finds ways to escape, and with a little luck, she gets accepted to Robotech for their internship program. While interning at Robotech, she receives a presentation assignment, but she fears she can't develop something powerful. Will Charlie continue working at Robotech, or will she move back to Michigan?  

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