Directed by: Jessica Fornear
Written by: Sophie Max

CALLIE is a nostalgic and heartfelt tale of friendship, secrets and loss. In modern day New York City, a lonely young woman, Jenn meets the mysterious Callie and the two form an instant friendship. But Callie has a secret; one that will change both of their lives forever and leave Jenn wondering what, if anything in their relationship was real.

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Written/Directed by: Nicola Rose

The story of a bully and a geek with a surprising secret in common.


Written/Directed by: Nicola Rose

A film about overcoming bullies, finding true friends, and doing what moves you. 


Written/Directed by: Michele Lyman

The thrill of a first date takes an unexpected turn, when under the cover of night, laws are changed and basic rights are revoked.

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